By | February 25, 2022
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Making extra money doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of jobs available online that pay you to do various things, from writing product reviews to publishing videos on YouTube or even transcribing audio files. These are just some of the ways you can make over $100,000 per year with online jobs – that figure assumes you work year-round and don’t take any time off!

1)  Upwork

Upwork is a freelance job market where you can find a variety of jobs, including content writing and design, marketing and even app development. If you are looking for something more long-term, they also offer an annual salary service which pays over $100K per year. The best part about Upwork is that it attracts mostly businesses rather than individual clients. This means that employers are more likely to hire people with specialized skill sets because they need less hand-holding. Of course, not all skills are treated equally on Upwork but if you have one of their top skills then chances are there will be work available for you. It’s free to sign up and post your CV/resume which makes it worth doing just for that alone 

2)  Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sell just about any service or creative product. You can offer whatever you want: graphics, videos, music, translations and more. What really makes Fiverr great is that it’s a low-risk way to dip your toes into freelancing while making some extra money. If you’re looking for your first gig as a freelancer and don’t have experience yet or don’t have very many connections yet, Fiverr is an amazing place to start because there are always people requesting things on Fiverr. And if you do well with most of those simple jobs like creating logos or writing Facebook bios for people, there are always more options for doing freelance work beyond Fiverr. 

3)  Mechanical Turk

The first place to start is with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (or mTurk). If you need to make some extra money, but don’t have a lot of time, this is where you should be. You can find micro-jobs that pay 5 cents or even as much as $1.50 each. Many of these will take just a few minutes and payment can be made by either direct deposit or through an Amazon gift card. There are thousands of these available at any given time, so if you’re looking for one that pays $10 per hour then you could spend an entire day looking without finding it—but one that pays 50 cents per hour could easily be found in 30 minutes or less. 

4)  Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Believe it or not, Amazon allows you to make money online via Mechanical Turk. You get paid a very small fee for any given task and for those looking to make extra cash, it’s worth considering. While you won’t become a millionaire overnight, making money on Mturk can certainly help offset some of your cost of living. If nothing else, it’s free money that you didn’t have before so why not give it a shot? Sign up here . Wanna test your skills? Try downloading/installing an app on android and see if there are human verification tests connected with that app.

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