Wax Machine in Pakistan




Are you looking for Wax Machine in Pakistan?This set consists of wax gadget, wax beans and spatulas, all the substances used are natural, non-toxic, hygienic and safe. You can use the gadget to soften the beans into the wax, and practice it onto your frame element with the connected spatulas. It comes with 5pcs spatulas for a disposal use, in order to save you go contamination and decrease to unfold of disease. EU, UK and US plugs are to be hard to your choice, so simply purchase it and do not worry that it can not be used for your country.

Wax Machine in Pakistan

Wax Machine in Pakistan


  1. It warms the wax rapidly.
  2. Hot wax eliminates hair effectively and rapidly.
  3. 360 warming loop
  4. It has 10 temperature settings for a more thermostatic control.
  5. This machine is planned so that it is appropriate for warm, creme, hard and paraffin wax.
  6. It has an “ON” marker light.


How to use wax machine in home.

Put the heater on a flat desktop, open the cap, pour the wax beans into the wax container. Connect to electricity elements and switch on the electricity switch, the crimson indicator will mild on while it begins off evolved working. Turn the temperature manage knob and set the dial on “Hi” till the wax achieves a liquid consistency, this manner lasts approximately 15 minutes. For quicker heating, location the lid at the hotter. Once liquid, location the dial in center location, the temperature will continue to be steady at some point of the day. When the wax is finishes, raise out the can, the use of the wax-can holder even as the hotter continues to be warm. Turn the hotter off each nighttime through complete turning the dial counter clock wise, cowl the hotter with the clean lid to hold the wax dust-free. Using the spatulas to use the wax onto the frame elements wished hair removal, after it cools, tear off the wax quick towards the hair boom direction. Clean your pores and skin and moisturize it.



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