V Comb in Pakistan



Are you looking V Comb in Pakistan?  V-comb digital anti-lice device is the fine device to be had in the marketplace to get rid the trouble related to the lice and their eggs. This product may be very smooth to use. The universal method of the V-comb is pretty easy and smooth. Now you do not need to buy heavy shells to get rid of lice.

Lice’s are a kind of a parasite and that they feed at the blood that they normally flow at the scalp. A lot of humans were going across the trouble of lice on their scalp for ages. Such people regularly locate it hard to absolutely take away this trouble. Not most effective adults, however kids also are very a good deal affected with this kind of trouble.

If your child regularly scratches his/her head and blaming of itchy scalp, then you definitely want to take severe warning on this regard. This can be the first actual signal of the infestation due to head lice. Once you’ve got showed the presence of lice, then the following step might be do away with it as quickly as possible. There are some of techniques which you could adopt, however now no longer a single technique work in the lengthy term. If you were experiencing this ugly situation, then there may be not anything to lose coronary heart due to the fact you could use a completely unique tool for this cause as V-Comb.

The V Comb head lice comb is a revolutionary, modern and herbal manner of having rid of nits or lice. This tool additionally allows putting off the eggs of lice with the benefit of combing. This multipurpose head lice comb is chemical unfastened and there aren’t any insecticides concerned with inside the system of this product. Moreover, this anti head lice comb is similarly useful for men, ladies and children. The enamel of the brush is crafted from the famed stainless-steel that runs easily throughout the scalp. All the lice, nits and eggs are captured after which dispatched to the patented seize clear out of the brush. Please take into account to detach and easy the clear out whilst finished.

The V-comb anti head lice comb is a really smooth manner to get rid the trouble of lice on you, your companion and your kids’ head. It is suggested to apply the brush at the dry hair and it does now no longer require any dangerous chemical earlier than or after the lice treatment. All the customers want to connect the sparkling seize clear out onto the top of V-comb package after which reattach the top to the package to begin the operation. When you do that, you could in a cut up 2nd start the treatment! Correspondingly, as you seek over the hair, the dispensable clear out effectively traps lice and their eggs.

v comb in pakistan

v comb in pakistan


  • High best Anti-lice device that removed head lice and its eggs
  • Without Chemical treatment
  • nonessential head lice filter
  • The latest and comfortable tool
  • A innovative tool that makes use of the vacuum to put off the top lice
  • Smart, compact and smooth design
  • Highest best stainless-steel combing unit with adjustable angles
  • Filter unit is illuminated through stunning LED
  • As smooth as combing
  • No use of any pesticides
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with three disposable filters
  • Smooth and mild treatment
  • Runs on AC strength source
  • Equally appropriate for men, ladies and children


How to Use V Comb in Pakistan?

In the first actual step, you need to turn the perspective of the combing through retaining and pushing down each the knobs on the edges of the combing unit. After that, you need to modify enamel attitude. Now, launch each the aspect knobs to stable the combing unit in a single place. You can modify the combing head in unique positions as directly role and racking place. Please use the only role that fits exceptional you.

Please attempt to make sure that hair must be well-cleaned, conditioned and dry. This unit works exceptional in dry hair, so dry hair is necessary. It is commonly really useful to very well brush the hair on the way to do away with any form of knots or entanglements. In the subsequent step, you need to make exclusive sections of the hair with the aid of using the usage of the hair clips. Try to apply the V-comb on one phase very well at one time.

In this following step, you need to turn on the unit to begin the hair treatment. In order to get the exceptional results, it’s far encouraged to continually begin first from the nape of the neckline after which you could work your up at the relaxation of the hair. Please attempt to keep the V-comb unit proper manner up all of the time in the course of treatment. During treatment, attention on every small phase and attempt to comb via all sections of the hair proper from the basis to tip making sure the usage of the unit as near as viable to the scalp. Try to sweep every phase of hair in exclusive instructions as left, proper, pinnacle and bottom. Now repeat this cycle via every phase numerous instances in every phase of the hair. Now repeat this manner to the subsequent phase and so on. The LED mild of the clear out unit will assist you to decide the trapped lice and its eggs in the course of the treatment.

You can use the V-comb head so long as you desire. But, don’t stretch the twine an excessive amount of in any other case the adapter may be pulled out from the electric source. When you’ve finished, do away with the clear out and near the clear out with the lid furnished with inside the clear out and disposed the clear out to a more secure place. Please don’t use the used clear out once more because it isn’t always endorsed. Try to do away with the used clear out as quickly as viable earlier than and after the usage of the V-comb.

You also can get the substitute filters, if required. Now, you need to manually smooth the combing brush of the unit with the assist of the comb supplied with the package. The brush may be very on hand to smooth all of the remnants of head lice and its eggs that can be trapped among the tooth of the brush. You also can use any first-class anti-septic answer consisting of Dettol. Please remember to wipe the tooth of the brush the usage of the anti-septic answer. You have correctly operated the V-comb.



Vacuum powered head lice machine

Input Power: 240V Volts, 50 Hertz

Output Power: 24 V, DC 1 ampere

Best Temperature for Operating: 5˚C – 40˚C

Temperature Storage requirement: -25˚C – 70˚C

Item Weight: 0.35 Kg



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