Silicone bowl seal cover in Pakistan




  Are you looking Silicone bowl seal cover in Pakistan?   Silicone bowl seal is a high quality kitchen product. It consists of 6 pieces. It helps to cover different utensils from the top. There are many utensils in the house that do not have a lid on them but sometimes there are some things that we want to keep warm for a long time but the difficulty comes when we keep that thing hot in a pot for a long time. Put it in a pot and cover it, but let it cool. Or if some people take something in a vessel with them on a journey, they are afraid that the object will not go out, because it has been seen that they cover the vessel as hard as they want. There is definitely space left, from which the thing keeps moving a little out. The silicone bowl seal is made so that when you put it on top of any bowl, glass or cup, etc., it sticks so hard to the edges of the vessel that there is not even a little space left in it, and there is air in it. Can’t even go۔


It is the essentially is composed for six excessive first-class, meals and stretchable silicone covers designed to cover glass, plate or dish with allay. This product allows offering the hermetic seal to all of your edibles, so that you will revel in crisper and more energizing merchandise every time you need to eat. The silicone covers are cleanable and reusable; methods all of the customers can without difficulty wash the silicone cover with slight detergent and soap.




  • 6 pieces with different sizes
  • Flexible/Stretchable
  • Silicon cover never loose
  • You can wash
  • Light weight
  • In different designs
  • It keeps your food sterile.
  • Keeps hot items warm for a long time
  • 100% original Brand Product 

How to use Silicone bowl seal cover in Pakistan?

It is very easy to use but your children can also use it. Gently raise side or slide off to launch seal, works on pots, glass, bowls and cups. The smooth-grip handles additionally interlink for clean garage. The Silicone Seal Cover Pack of 6 is available in six unique sizes and starting from seventy five Inches to ten Inches in total. As the silicone covers are stretchable, so it doesn’t rely whether or not the form of the bowl or plate because the silicone seal will effortlessly cover it with none issues at all. It is created from silicone, so it stays non-slip on glass, metallic plastic or different surfaces. It is so tight that you could effortlessly cover a whole peanut, pineapple with it. This is the faster and within your budget opportunity to the vanished lids of bowls, glass and plates. It comes with inside the stunning obvious blue color, so that you can effortlessly take a preview of your plate or bowl from the peak side.


Made with food grade silicone
Colors Different
Shape Round
Weight 210g



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