Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan




Are you looking Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan? Do you also get anxious while chopping vegetables? Now you don’t have to worry because we have brought you to Pakistan. This tool allows you to cut a large number of vegetables in a few seconds. Nicer Dicer Plus is a set of different cutting items with dicing, grating and slicing tools. It has 12 tools that you can cut fruits and vegetables of different designs۔It has often been observed that when a person is in a hurry to cut something with a knife, sometimes the knife touches a part of his body and that part is cut off, but this is no longer the case because these tools allow you to cut vegetables and fruits without fear and Quick.

nicer dicer plus

nicer dicer plus

The Nicer Dicer Plus is followed through a massive 1.five liter capability box. This box is available in extraordinarily accessible specially for storing massive amount of fruits, nuts and different suitable for eating gadgets. All you want to do is to press the lid of the slicer to begin reducing the meals. The Nicer Dicer Plus comes with 5 specific forms of metal grills that assist to reduce the elements in some of approaches and styles. With the assist of those specific reducing extensions, customers can reduce the suitable for eating gadgets in eleven specific methods. The multipurpose Nicer Dicer Plus may be used to reduce and divide the elements into four and eight parts. Each reducing grill will permit you to reduce the meals with inside the specific and particular methods. This slicer is followed via way of means of a devoted grating tool.

This tool is particularly designed for Tomatoes, carrot and also so many different types of vegetables. Now you don’t want to peel and reduce the carrot into small slices every time you need to make bowls of salad, due to the fact the very identical cause may be performed through the usage of Nicer Dicer Plus. The high-quality component of Nicer Dicer Plus is that it comes with the air tight locking lid. This air tight locking lid makes it viable to fasten the crispness and freshness of meals for longer duration. This flexible reducing system may be a extremely good kitchen associate for busy moms, housewives, speedy meals restaurant, motels and cooking addicted personnel’s. You should purchase this particular reducing and dicing system solely on the Pakistan.

Is the Nicer Dicer any good?

So clean to use, smooth to clean, you may place your veggies or fruit instantly with inside the refrigerator with inside the container, the whole thing packs together, smooth to transport. I love the usage of the Nicer Dicer as I hate slicing up veggies and I discover it’s far the maximum used object in my kitchen.



  • Blade in Stainless steel
  • You can cut 11 to 12 different ways
  • Cut quickly and fearlessly
  • Cut all kinds of items beautifully
  • It is made with a strong plastic
  • Very easy to wash
  • Capacity of 1500 ml
  • Also lighter in weight
  • Small in size but quick to do



How to use Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan?

Nicer Dicer Plus is very easy to use. It has 12 different types of cutter sets, and each cuts differently. Slice dyes are made in two parts, one part is finely chopped and the other part is thickly cut. Whenever you want to cut a potato or onion etc. so before you do this, you put this thing on the dice and put the lid on it and then press it down hard so that you can cut the vegetable or fruit of your choice. The razor sharp blades used in it have the ability to cut very fast and quick. 

Made with Plastic and Sharp Blades
Colors Different
Capacity 1500 ml
Weight 2.3 lbs


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