Gola Ganda Machine in Pakistan




Are you looking Gola Ganda Machine in Pakistan? The ideal Gola Gonda machine for supper at home value, simple to use in Pakistan it is our little and compelling ice smasher machine, ideal for making cuts and frozen refreshments. Lower and mount the estimating cup, as the water extends the size of the ice, so the water filled tank ought not be excessively full, with a 1 cm hole at the highest point of the estimating cup.

Take a little measure in the cooler until the cup is totally inside the water freeze. Pour a cup of ice inside, open the ice covering machine and spot in an ice can. Cover the highest point of the cover and spot the cup under the handrails, moving the handle clockwise, cutting the ice into pieces, which will be under the estimating cup. Close to the most loved natural product in the dish, the cool arrangement works really hard of taking out the ice area. Free Home Delivery All pakistan.Cash On shopping pakistan. Conveyance Time: working 2 Days.  Best quality.



  • Color: Blue
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 600g
  • Size: base length 15.5*15.5*25.5cm
  • Multi Purpose Use
  • Crush big ice into small ice
  • Make drink series


  1. winding shaft, basic and advantageous, cutting ice blocks; 
  1. screws exercises as indicated by their inclinations permit you to regulate the distinctive ice thickness;
  1. compartments of ice is unmistakably apparent; Specifications: Manual ice shaver for making shaved ice cups, slushies, and more Kid-accommodating lead hand wrench; ice-shaving chamber encased for wellbeing Quick and simple to utilize; syrups and different flavorings sold independently Built-in trickle plate contains wrecks; 2 ice molds included; hand wash Measures 5-1/2 by 8 by 10-4/5 inches ​

How to Use:

  1. eliminate the little estimating cup Mount the water, since water ventures into ice volume, so loaded up with water can not be excessively full, estimating cup at the top because of 1CM voids.
  1. the little estimating cup into the cooler until the cup is totally inside the water freezes.
  1. pour cup of ice inside, opened the ice machine cover, the ice put in the ice container.
  1. cover the highest point of the top and the cup was put in the lower part of the hand holding the handle, shake the handle clockwise, the ice will be cut into pieces, fall under the estimating cup.
  1. combined with the most loved organic product into the dish, cool arrangements work really hard pulling the Department of ice.


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