Baby Carrier Belt/Bag in Pakistan




Are you looking Baby Carrier Belt/Bag in Pakistan?  People who are said to carry their small kids in their arms or arms and hold the child for a long time, their arms get tired. So now there is no need for these people to worry because we have brought you a baby carrier belt which neither you nor your baby will get tired of. This is a very rare product and it has been made so beautiful and soft that it will not make you tired or your baby because it is often seen. There are some other products that have belts that are made of such hard materials that if they are worn for a long time, they become scars on the body and also feel pain. But that will not happen now. This belt protects you and your baby so well that no matter how long you carry the baby, you will not feel any pain. The special thing about this belt is that it has space for the baby in the front part of the belt so that your baby is right in front of your eyes. You can get it in different colors and sizes. The strength of this belt is so much that it makes you fearless. At what age should baby/Kids be carried with a baby carrier Belt? Baby Carrier Belt companies are not encouraged for kids below 4 months of age or kids who cannot keep up their heads yet. This is due to the fact they are at extra threat of neck injuries.



  • Soft and Strong
  • Specially for kids Safety
  • It’s like a swing from which the child is very happy
  • So soft that there is no pain or fatigue
  • Now your child is safe with you everywhere
  • 2 Shoulder Belt
  • 1 Waist Belt
  • 100% Pure original product
  • Washable


How to use Baby Carrier Belt/Bag?

There are parts of the Baby Carrier Belt that you fasten to your body. First you fasten your waist belt, then tie it to one side of your shoulder, then place your small kids inside the Kobe B carrier on one side. Then close the strap. You can also lift your baby in front of you and behind you. It also has space to get the baby’s legs out. Full safety is also provided for baby’s back and head support. It has many straps that help a lot in its safety.



Made with Cloth/Straps/Polyester
Colors Different
 Carrying Capacity 15 kg
Belts 3


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