By | February 14, 2022
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As we reinvent the future of energy, we’re looking for new talent to join us. We have a diverse workforce of over 2,500 individuals across BC that we couldn’t operate without, and we’re still growing at a quick pace.

You might imagine we’re simply another utility that distributes natural gas and electricity, but we’re also interested in fascinating, cutting-edge energy solutions. For starters, consider carbon capture, renewable energy, and low-carbon mobility. We believe in a future that is cleaner and healthier.

Build your career with us if you love meaningful work, a dynamic culture, and forward-thinking colleagues. You’ll have the chance to study, lead, solve issues, and create. So, what do you have to lose? Let’s rethink energy as a group.

Overview of the Position

A Customer Serviceman’s job entails installing meters and researching customer complaints and enquiries in order to give services to the Company’s consumers. Customer Servicemen build positive interactions between the Company and its consumers by carrying out their obligations.
Staff Supervisors or their delegate report to Customer Servicemen.


  • Performs only single-phase, self-contained meter and metering installation connects and disconnects.
    Cleans, handles, ships, and receives self-contained meters for testing, re-testing, or repair; cleans, handles, ships, and receives meters and metering equipment.
  • Analyzes client problems utilizing basic electrical testing, signaling, and recording gear; assesses results; and tells Supervisor of findings.
  • Directly analyzes consumer complaints, provides results to the supervisor, and proposes solutions.
  • Maintains records of client service and metering installation.
  • Provides customer service training to meter readers and other personnel.
  • Perform responsibilities that would typically be undertaken by a lower-level employee. Requirements
    Electricity, electrical distribution systems, customer metering equipment, installations, and facilities are all covered.
  • Basic electrical testing, measuring, signaling, and recording instruments are known and used in the workplace.
    Electrical rate structure, rules, regulations, and policy are all well-known to the Company.
    Has the qualifications to be classified as a Meter Reader. Information Supplementary

Reading radio off meters is one of the position’s extra obligations.

Our stimulating environment is safe, inclusive, and diversified, and it gives a wide range of challenging opportunities. We give a competitive wage and benefits package, as well as possibilities for lifelong learning and growth. We also promote volunteerism and the desire to help others in your community.

Our first emphasis is the safety of our customers and FortisBC workers. Our jobsite safety standards and social distancing measures are meticulously maintained to guarantee the safety of our personnel on our job locations. We’ll continue to follow the government’s COVID-19 standards as an important service provider and alter our preparations as needed. Our commitment to safety for all of our FortisBC family members remains unaltered as we welcome new personnel.

Branch: Electric
Affiliation: IBEW
Employment Status: Full-Time Temporary
Salary: $37.70 per hour
Temp Duration: 12 months

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