By | February 15, 2022
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An Exciting Career Chance

  • Rewarding remuneration
  • A dynamically expanding business
  • Promotional potential

Drakes Supermarkets is a success story in the retail industry. We are Australia’s largest independently-owned grocery chain, and we are a family-owned and operated private enterprise. We provide outstanding job chances inside our organization as a result of our unparalleled expansion.

The selected candidate will have the opportunity to run the department as if it were their own. They will be given the freedom to customize the store’s service and product offerings to match the unique demands of local clients.

Applicants will be expected to exhibit the following skills while working as part of an enthusiastic team in a highly competitive supermarket environment:

  • Knowledge of the front end and point of sale
  • Unrivaled dedication to customer service
  • Experience directing members of a team
  • It will be advantageous to have accurate employee rostering.
  • Excellent communication skills, as well as a lot of passion and energy.
  • Ability to communicate with both employees and management
  • A working knowledge of ordering and cost control
  • Workplace health and safety standards commitment

Applicants must be able to do the following in order to succeed at our company:

  • Demonstrate a desire to provide excellent customer service.
  • Demonstrate an optimistic, “can-do” mindset.
  • Solve the issue
  • Set a good example.
  • Motivate a group
  • Effectively communicate with upper management, team members, customers, and other external stakeholders.

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