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Pneumatic force Leg Massager in Pakistan


Infrared warming and back rub limit can be used autonomously


Improves blood scattering, redesign assimilation; turns away strong rot; quiets joint torment and fatigue


Worked in high repeat vibrating motor for ground-breaking back rub


Removable, launderable boot spread and shoe spread


Smart and simple:firming and molding your leg in 15 minutes


Limit: back rub and warming.Air Pressure Leg Massager in Pakistan


Working voltage: 220V DC


Real power: ?15W


Activity time: 15 minutes


Pneumatic stress Leg Massager in Pakistan specialist Relaxing Air Pressure Leg Massager in Pakistan on account of blowing up and flattening shopping Online shoping Only.com.pk.9 force change levels for expansion and collapse times. Gaseous tension Leg Massager in Pakistan Improves blood dissemination and averts swelling. Recovers the legs once an extensive day at work, or once sport exercises. Simple to utilize and comfortable to wear. Utilize four x AA batteries (excluded)


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